Bangladesh is a trusted hub of apparel sourcing across the globe.
More than 150 countries import ready-made garments from Bangladesh.


Skyros Working Method

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Our R&D Department

We’ve our own sample development facilities .

To ensure quick support and reduce sampling lead time we’ve well decorated sample room–including the dummy to develop maximum types of samples like knit, woven, tops and bottom.

The new design and innovation are the heart of the fashion industry. 

We are associated with 5 permanent factories + design studios where we’ve done potential investment to create new design, style and set fashion trends. 2 times in every year we offer our collection to our customers to choose their desired style which significantly reduces R&D lead time of our buyers. Also, they can customize the style and fabrication with ornaments.

Integration, efficiency, and productivity in one place.

Our digitalized CAD room is giving extra mileage to our customers about maximum use of fabrics, creating automated data sheets and pre- costing, pattern digitalization, grading and marker services.

In-house testing facility.

Primary testing facility to check some essential parameters like appearance test, color fastness to light, color fastness to water, pH, GSM, rubbing, twisting and washing.

Huge enlisted vendors

We produce our products in compliant factory.

Our main strength is our onboarded factories providing quick supports to our buyers. We follow a standard procedure in factory onboarding. Before onboarding any supplier we operate 4 individual audits like financial audit, compliance audit, quality audit and management audit as our buyers feel comfort about shipment and quality.

Factory ranges are:

Small: Factories within 10 lines
Medium: Factories within 15 to 25 lines
Big: Factories more than 25 lines

Our on boarder factory
World Prestigious LEED Certified Factory in Bangladesh
We Work All Ranges of Factory

Huge range of products

Our separate teams handle knit, woven, sweater, denim and leather products (both for men and women) with tops and bottom ranges.
STL separated its team based on product categories, and each team contains individual merchandisers, quality controllers, and common commercial people. STL has 3 separate teams;
♦ Circular knit.
♦ Woven (Non Denim and Denim).
♦ Sweater.

Products Presentation

We manufacture high quality products according to different casts, cultures, colors and seasons.
For each season STL develops a good number of fabrics, trims and styles based on the buyer requirement. However, all fabrications, trims and style are not ordered triggering lots of development left behind the manufacturing process. STL has archive on its server to store them as potential clients can choose them from the archive.  Many more designs and styles based on different seasons we are working.